About Us

The Microfinance Support Centre Ltd (MSC) is a Government-owned institution incorporated in 2001 with a mandate to offer affordable credit and business development services to its target clientele

Our Values

Equity: The MSC’s philosophy is to offer the opportunity to those who are most in need, thus bridging gaps that exist in the incomes of the Ugandan population.

Transparency and Accountability: The MSC shall conduct its business in systematic way. The staff and management, and the Board shall take responsibility for their actions and the results.

People Centeredness: The MSC is a service-oriented organization whose sustainability, among other things, depends on the capacity to understand and respond to the expectations and needs of the clients in an effective and timely manner.  Thus, MSC puts the interests of its customers at the centre of everything it does.

Professionalism: To ensure high-quality performance by staff at all levels, and to foster mutual respect, MSC requires its staff and management at all times to adhere to high professional standards in all their undertakings.

What We Do

  • We prioritize financing to agricultural cooperatives.
  • We make it possible for the active poor to increase their household incomes through extension of affordable financing to SACCOs and Groups.
  • We create employment for young people through direct and indirect financing to youth groups engaged in viable enterprises.
  • We strengthen management capacities of client institutions through trainings to enable them run their businesses sustainably.
  • We conduct market research and develop products that suit the needs of our target clients.


As a manager of Government micro-credit funds, we:
  • Support the efforts of Government in raising the micro-credit funds through design of appropriate microfinance programs
  • Develop appropriate mechanisms and channels for effective delivery of the funds
  • Finance projects and enterprises taking into account Government priorities and the need to maximize the development impact
  • Monitor and report about the performance of the funds
  • Ensure control and sustainability of the program
  • Provide technical assistance for effective utilization of the funds

Service Delivery model