Loan Application Requirements


  1. Certified copy of Certificate of Registration or Incorporation
  2. Certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, By-laws, Trusted Deeds, etc
  3. Certified copy of annual returns filed to the registering authority/body e.g. Registrar of Cooperatives for SACCOs and Registrar of Companies for SMEs
  4. Audited accounts for atleast 1 year by a certified auditing firm
  5. Resolution to borrow
  6. Valid operating license
  7. Tax clearance certified (only for SMEs)
  8. Credit Reference Bureaus reports (only for SMEs)
  9. Minimum of one year in operations
  10. Clearly defined and accessible location of operation
  11. Clear ownership & governance structure
  12. Atleast two staff with basic knowledge and skills in accounting and microfinance operations or related field
  13. Collateral security fully covering the loan and interests
  14. Bank statements
  15. Business plan


  1. Certified copy of Certificate of Registration from the Community Development department at the District
  2.  Certified copy of the Constitution or Bylaws
  3. Resolution to borrow from MSC as stipulated in the group minutes
  4. Contacts of the executives committee plus a photocopy of their IDs
  5. Recommendation letter from from the area LC1 Chairperson
  6. Recommendation letter from the NGO/CDO
  7. Cleary defined meeting place
  8. Vasic records


  1. Additional documentation maybe required during the application process on a case by case basis
  2. The maximum loan amount a client can access is UGX: 3Billion while the mimum is UGX: 5million 

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