Community Mobilisation and Identification of Beneficiaries

Community Mobilization and Identification of Beneficiaries

MSC under the Supervision of Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (spearheaded by the office of the Minister of State for Microfinance) successfully carried out mobilization and sensitization meetings of District Leaders, Local Leaders, Community Leaders, and Political Leaders in 146 Districts, 353 Constituencies, 2,184 Sub counties/Municipal divisions, 10,595 Parishes and 70,626 villages.

7,000 core district leaders, Emyooga Representatives and Members of Parliament were sensitised about the program objectives, targets and delivery model in the regions of Karamoja, Sebei, West Nile, Lango, Central Region, Teso, Bugisu, Busoga, Acholi, Ankole, Bunyoro, Kigezi and Rwenzori.

As a result of the massive sensitization and mobilisation, 205,710 parish-based Associations and 6,748 apex EMYOOGA SACCOs have so far been Mobilized countrywide, reaching 4,114,200 individual members who can now access affordable financial services.

MSC continues with the mobilisation effort to reach out to communities to promote Microfinance in the country.



Monitoring Emyooga MSC has put in place a mechanism for