Formation of Emyooga SACCOs

Formation of Emyooga SACCOs

Only registered Emyooga Associations composed of members engaged in similar enterprises become members of Myooga SACCOs.

The Minimum number of associations per Mwooga SACCO outside Kampala is 05 associations; In Kampala City, Minimum number of associations is 10.

To Join an Association, each member pays a one -off membership fee of 10,000= and a one-off annual subscription fee of 10,000= to the association.

The initial nominal share value for each Myooga SACCO is recommended at UGX. 100,000 and Membership is recommended at UGX. 50,000.

Catchment Area

The country was divided into 15 sub-regions;

Rural Buganda, Busoga, Bukedi, Teso, Bugisu, Acholi, Lango, West Nile, Sebei, Karamoja, Rwenzori, Bunroyo, Ankole, Kigezi and Kampala



Monitoring Emyooga MSC has put in place a mechanism for