Eligible Categories

Eligible Categories

The eligible categories targeted are people, organized in SACCOs, operating the following enterprises/categories:

  • Boda Bodas SACCOs
  • Women Entrepreneurs SACCOs
  • Carpenters SACCOs
  • Salon Operators SACCOs
  • Taxi Operators SACCOs
  • Restaurant Owners SACCOs
  • Welders SACCOs
  • Market Vendors SACCOs
  • Youth Leaders SACCOs
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) SACCOs
  • Produce Dealers SACCOs
  • Mechanics SACCOs
  • Tailors SACCOs
  • Journalists SACCOs
  • Performing Artists SACCOs
  • Veterans (Veteran Widows and Orphaned Children) SACCOs
  • Fishermen SACCOs
  • Elected Leaders SACCOs

Grant threshold by Emyooga category

Apart from the Elected Leaders’ SACCOs that access 50M each, the rest of the 17 constituency SACCOs each accesses a grant of UGX.30M. The grants are channeled through the Microfinance Support Centre Ltd and disbursed directly to the accounts of beneficiary SACCOs.

Target area of operation:

The SACCOs for each category are organized at the Constituency level but with operations at the Parish level, where the Parish Associations are registered. Special consideration is given to densely populated areas like Kampala and Wakiso, where SACCOs may be formed at either, the parish/Ward, Zone or Workplace for Kampala and Sub-county/Town Council for Wakiso. For Emyooga SACCOs with less than five associations, membership is considered at the individual level.

Target population:

All active Ugandans from the age of 18 and above, except for the particularly Youth Emyooga SACCOs where members should not exceed 35 years. However, even after 35yrs, a member continues being a member if he/she so wishes.

Identification of Emyooga members:

The identification of the different individuals subscribing to a given Category / Enterprise / Mwooga is done at the Village level with the support of LC 1 leadership.